Festival founders: Ljubica Kovačević, Ruža Helać, Ljubivoje Ršumović,
Nada Marinković, Božidar Mandić and many others

FEP is a non-profit organization that goes all the way back to 1994, the year in which it first realized its basic manifestation as the Festival of ecological theater for children and youth. Apart from its core activity, which is the purpose of its existence, it participates in the creation and realization of a handful of local, regional, and international projects within the spheres of culture, art and ecology.

FEP is a unique cultural artistcic manifestation because:

Located in a town without theater, we are a festival that tries to remediate that critical problem in a traditional way. This is a unique opportunity for children to see quality plays (ecologically themed) of renowned professional theaters from the country and abroad.
They can also take part in work and creation of dozens of creative workshops (puppetry, drama, fine art, old crafts, film, ecology…).
The festival is, above all, a manifestation with a long tradition. The mission is to strengthen the family. The program is designed for the whole family to visit or participate in the festival’s activities together.