On May 4th, as a part of the project „Who yearns the theater“ the Festival of ecological theater for children and youth gifted the play „A matter of choice or why I listen to Marčelo“ by the Teleport theater to High School „October 20th“.
The play was attended by students of all four grades, as well as the school’s principal and professors. Prior to the show, the school’s principle Tamara Antić thanked FEP for this act and pointed out the importance of organizing similar events in the near future:

„Many of you here are already volunteering at the Festival of ecological theater for children and youth, and hopefully others will also find a way to become a part of realization of this year’s festival. Thanks to its organization, we’ve had an opportunity to hold at our school a professional theater play which deals with a very important topic for these generations“.

An author’s project of Uroš Mladenović, produced by the Teleport theater and Cultural Center in Paraćin, „A matter of choice or why I listen to Marčelo“ deals with the topic of growing up and it is mainly intended for high school students.
The moment when young people start leaving their towns and choosing their own ways carries with itself a lot of uncertainty, dilemmas, different influences and decisions. The play „A matter of choice or why I listen to Marčelo“ through a creative approach tackles the emotional and cognitive challenge that stands in front of adolescents in the moments of their life crossroads – at the doorstep of independence and detachment from family.

After the play, the audience was surveyed about the play itself, as well as about the wishes and needs of Bačka Palanka’s youth. This survey will continue for four months as a part of „Who yearns the theater?“ project, all in order to develop a new type of audience - a quality and educated theater audience.

The research and conclusions will be presented at the 24th FEP on August 23 this year. Within the project „Who yearns the theater“, three more plays will be organized for the people of Bačka Palanka – one for children and two for adults